Introducing our New Reborn Eco-Friendly Recycled Chenille Fabric | I Want Fabric

The textile industry is home to continual innovations and advancements, and at I Want Fabric, we're always on the lookout for the next big thing. We're thrilled to introduce our latest addition: Reborn Eco-Friendly Recycled Chenille Fabric.


As part of our commitment to providing customers with exceptional fabrics that are kinder to the planet, this new chenille fabric ticks all the boxes. It's luxuriously soft, durable, versatile, and manufactured using recycled materials in an eco-friendly process.


The Recycled Bottle to Chenille Transformation Process

Our eco-friendly chenille is made from recycled polyester, a material derived from recycled plastic bottles. More specifically, 37 recycled PET bottles are transformed into one metre of this fabric. 

The manufacturing process of converting plastic bottles into luxurious soft chenille involves a series of steps: 


  1. First, the used plastic bottles go through a cleaning process where labels, lids, and any lingering debris are removed. 
  2. Next, they enter the shredding and granulating phase, where the bottles are ground down into tiny plastic flakes.
  3. Those plastic flakes then go through an extrusion process, which melts them together into thin plastic strands. These strands are then cut into small plastic pellets, which become the raw material for creating polyester fibres.
  4. The tiny plastic pellets proceed through a spinning phase where they're lengthened into fine threads, which are wound together into yarn. Multiple yarn strands are woven together on specialty chenille looms that create the signature plush pile effect.
  5. The long woven piles then get sheared to a consistent length to complete the transformation into impeccably soft chenille fabric, ready to adorn furnishings with its signature opulent texture.


Far Greener Production

This innovative technology not only ensures less plastic ends up in nature, but also consumes fewer valuable resources than manufacturing polyester or even conventional chenille. The production of this fabric results in 50% less CO₂ emissions, 70% less water usage, and 70% less energy consumption compared to traditional polyester fabric production.


Eco-Friendliness Without Compromising Quality

Chenille is a fabric long associated with opulence and luxury, adding a touch of indulgence wherever it's used. Despite its recycled origins, our chenille doesn’t come at the expense of quality. From its plush, velvety texture to its subtle lustre and beautiful drape, this fabric delivers luxury through and through. It adds a welcoming softness and depth to any space. 

Elegance That Endures

Despite its plush appearance, our Reborn Eco-Friendly Recycled Chenille Fabric is pleasingly durable. It achieves an impressive 25,000 to 30,000 cycles on the Martindale abrasion test, meaning it can withstand years of regular use and retain its beauty. So your chenille cushions and upholstery will stand the test of time, keeping their look and feel for years of regular lounging and living.


The Adaptability of Recycled Chenille

In addition to its eco-credentials and durability, this recycled chenille fabric also offers exceptional versatility for upholstery use. Here are some of the ways you can incorporate it into your home furnishings:


  • Accent Chairs - The plush texture lends itself beautifully to accent chair upholstery, adding a welcoming softness to living spaces.
  • Loveseats & Sofas - Durable enough for frequent use but soft enough for cosy relaxation, it's ideal for uplifting loveseats and sofas.
  • Headboards - Transform your bedroom with a padded headboard covered in this luxurious recycled fabric.
  • Ottomans - Recycled chenille adds indulgent comfort and texture when used to upholster ottomans and footstools.
  • Bench Cushions - Indoor benches benefit from the comfort and style of chenille bench cushions.
  • Chair Cushions - Seat cushions and loose back cushions take on an irresistible plushness and depth with this fabric.


With its classic texture and appearance, recycled chenille suits both contemporary and traditional decor schemes. Use it to make a bold statement through modern, minimalist furnishings, or let it lend a welcoming warmth and softness to classic, ornate spaces.


Embrace Sustainability with I Want Fabric

Our new Reborn Eco-Friendly Recycled Chenille Fabric reflects our commitment to pushing textiles forward through innovation and responsibility. And most importantly, it's an invitation for you to join us in creating a more sustainable future, one fabric at a time.

I Want Fabric’s extensive range offers something for every project, taste, and budget. So why wait? Explore our exceptional range of affordable fabrics and upholsteries today, and see the transformation ethical fabrics can bring to your living spaces and lifestyles.