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Making a Cushion Cover


I am going to show you how to make a cushion cover using our gorgeous floral gardening print panels that are new in store at just £2.99!



So to begin with, you want to try and cut these out as accurately as possible so to avoid any wonky edges. I have cut around the print of the first panel, to get an exact size, then placed this on top of the back panel and cut around, to ensure it was the same size.


With the panels wrong sides together, and the panels laying flat in front of you.

The bottom edge where the zip will be inserted, you need to stich inwards around an inch on both left and right side. I did mine around 2cm from the bottom, as this is what the zip will attach too.

I marked where I will stitch with a pin.


This then needs stitching inwards towards this mark. This is to create clean corners and an opening for where the zip will be placed later on.

I have drawn a line to make it visible where I have stitched.


When this is stitched on both sides, open the panels out so the right sides are face down, placing the opening you just made in the middle, like you can see here.


You will then be able to see the edge left on the inside that needs to be seamed with the zip. This needs pinning down, like I have shown, and then ironed flat to make a clean seam. Make this as accurate as possible so when the zip is inserted, the 2 sides will hide the zip where they meet.


To start inserting the zip, take one side of it, and line it up with the fold made at the opening. (zip faced down, so it faces the right way once finished). Line the closest edge up with the opening, so that the zip itself is covered.

Pin this in place and then stitch as close to the zip as possible.


This will then attach the zip to the seam, and you can see it now hides behind the fold nicely once you turn it over!


Now pin the other side of the zip to the other seam, matching the edges of the fabric up as neat as possible so the closing is as accurate and neat as possible, like you can see here.


To secure the zip in place, stitch down each edge to fix it down. If there is much left over, just cut this off.

And that is the hard part done!

If you turn the panels over, you should see a neatly hidden zip.



Now you just need to sew the cushion together. So turn the cushion wrong sides together, and pin around the edges, getting them as straight as possible.


Then sew around the remaining 3 edges about 1/2 an inch in, doing a few back and forward stitches on each end to prevent the stitches unravelling.


All that’s left is to pull the cushion the right way out and give the corners a poke to push the fabric out and create neat edges and sharpen the corners.

             And there you have a cushion cover!

Now you can use this to create lovely cushions with any fabrics you like.


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