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How To Make Curtains

If you've ever thought about making curtains for your room but weren't sure how to do it then now's your chance. We've created this easy to follow step-by-step guide that shows how you can add your own style to any room in the house - we can even help supply everything you need.

What you will need:

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Step 1. Using your tape measure work out the size of your windows and the desired length of curtain.

Remember you will need to add approx. 25% more to the width of the window to account for the ruffled look.


Step 2. Cut your fabric and lining material to size before pressing and hemming the panels.

Once this is done place the two materials on top of each other leaving the lining approx. 5 cm shorter than the fabric along the bottom edge.


Step 3. Pin the lining and fabric together before using your sewing machine to stitch the lining to the curtain along the side seams.


Step 4. At the top edge, pin the heading tape along the full width of the curtain.

The hooks, which will hang on the curtain rail, will be attached to the heading tape.


Step 5. Fold the raw edges under the tape and stitch into position.

Top Tip: To make the curtains hang better tuck in curtain weights along the bottom hem and hand stitch into place - this will add weight to the curtain


Step 6. Neaten the edges of your curtains by folding in the hem on all the remaining sides and hand finish with thread and needle.


Step 7. Using your iron press and lightly steam the curtains making sure that you do this on the wrong side up so as not to damage the curtain material.


Step 8. Draw up the string from both edges of the heading tape distributing the gathers to give a nice even look across the curtain.

Secure the ends with a knot so that they don't unravel.


Step 9. Your curtains are now ready and can be hung in your room.


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